Pax Galaxia for Windows

Pax Galaxia 1.15.3 is a turn based strategy game for Windows like Risk, but now you’ve got to conquer space ! The armies move by themselves guided by your past orders.

Pax Galaxia for Windows truly is a great stellar conquest game which will fascinate and occupy you for many hours to come.

The user interface is so simple I’m worried you won’t notice the unique strategic gameplay of Pax Galaxia. Cunning attacks and deceitful retreats, dramatic encirclements and desperate break-through rescue efforts are the highpoints of a wonderfully dynamic game.
The difficulty ranges from extremely easy to nearly impossibly difficult. While the easy modes are suitable for a fun couple of minutes trying to beat your time records, the more difficult ones will require all your concentration and the mastery of all the tricks of the game to overcome the computer players.

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