VinylStudio is digitizing software that can digitize vinyl albums and tapes to MP3 audio or CD. This vinyl to MP3 software provides all the tools you need – recording; track splitting; click, hiss and hum removal; CD burning and generating MP3 files – in a single package.
This record vinyl to mp3 converter also helps manage your collection as your recordings build up, rather than having to keep track of, potentially, thousands of individual audio files.

• An all-in-one solution for digitizing your vinyl or tape collection
• Record your LPs and tapes – burn both audio and MP3 CD
• Automated click and scratch removal – filter out tape hiss, hum and rumble
• Looks up track listings over the Internet – no typing !
• Split recorded audio into tracks – Multi-level undo/redo
• look up track listings over the Internet
• remove clicks, hiss, hum and more – de-click several albums at once
• copy tracks to your MP3 player or iPod
• organise your music collection
• burn ‘gapless’ CDs
• export track listings to your favourite CD-cover editor
• full support for Windows Vista 64 bit

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