VJDirector (Digital Living System) is windows software for multimedia editing, recording and broadcasting.

This multimedia editing software for Windows XP/Vista has an integrated video recorder, digital video switcher, subtitler, network broadcasting system, simple harddisk broadcasting system and linear editing system.
Use five input channels that support many input methods like DV(analog or digital)/real-time steaming/files; It supports real-time switching among all the channels and various 2D and 3D transitional effects which can be extended, customized and upgraded; add subtitles in real-time, banner and animated picture superposition; the flying subtitle by superposition supports various 2D and 3D changing effects, by which you can achieve fantastic real-time video.

This multimedia editor software for windows enables a variety of output methods, including real-time streaming, AVI files and hardware output (real-time streaming supports WMV streaming, which can be directly used for Internet broadcasting; file output supports WMV / AVI format that is compressed for any resolution level for last-stage non-linear editing or internet publishing; hardware output is realized through audio, video S-Video/VGA port, or through SDI adapter to output SDI signal).

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