Orbital Trader

In Orbital Trader you earn the millions of billions you deserve !

To build your economic empire in this space tycoon game for Windows you’ll have to choose the most profitable goods, navigate the quickest paths between the revolving planets and invest in the right planetary structures at the right time. Getting rich fast is where the challenge is at in Orbital Trader.

Getting rich is easier than ever in Orbital Trader. Buying low and selling high is guaranteed – since each planet will only sell the one good it is producing and will pay well for all the others.

You’ll have to navigate with much skill so you can visit as many planets as possible in the shortest amount of time. And if you think that only the expensive goods will be worth trading, think again. Maybe you won’t get rich by trading food and medicine, but if you do the planetary populations will grow fast and you’ll watch your profits explode.
Don’t think trading is all there is to the game. You’ll have to upgrade your ship until it becomes a huge transport vessel. You’ll race to complete very profitable special transport missions. Earn enough money and you’ll be able to invest in the planets.

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