Perfect Diet Tracker

The Perfect Diet Tracker is award winning diet software for Windows that can help you monitor your diet and achieve safe and consistent weight loss, maintaining that weight loss once you reach your target. This nutrition and diet software easy to use and it really works.

Diet Tracker Windows diet-tracking software uses a ‘wizard’ interface to create your personal diet plan based on your current situation and the targets you want to achieve. You can also enter your own plan.

• Simply ‘track your diet and nutrition‘ with this handy diet planner, adding items you eat or drink to the diary. The extensive database of over 35,500 products makes adding products as easy as possible.
• Perfect Diet Tracker monitors your calorific and nutritional intake. Stay within the targets and you will achieve your targets, see which foods you can eat more of and which you should cut down on.
• Want to keep your diet tracking private ? No problem, you can set a password so other users cannot see what you are eating, or currently weigh.

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