System Lifeguard 2

System LifeGuard 2 is the complete solution for the protection and management of your PC. This simple to use product is designed to be used frequently to keep your PC running in perfect condition and make your computer faster.

Every time you use the internet or run programs on your computer – unwanted files and procedures are stored on your hard-disc.
• PC Cleaner : find and delete junk and duplicate files.
• Scheduler/Organizer : organize your data and time schedules.
• System tweaker and Disk Defragmenter : speed up your computer.
• Registry Cleaner : clean your Windows registry.
• Program Uninstaller : fully uninstall unwanted programs.
• Startup Manager : decide what applications to run on your PC at Start Up.
• Shutdown Manager : set your computer to shut down periodically.
• File Shredder : permanently remove unwanted files without leaving behind any chance of recovering those files.
• Data backup and restore software with a FTP backup option.

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