Spotmau Data Genius

Spotmau Data Genius recovers your important data when your Windows system has crashed or your hard disk has been formatted or damaged. Also included is a privacy / undelete utility, to permanently erase/wipe out all data on a drive or partition without the possibility of recovering this data.

The Data Genius package includes four tools : Data Transfer, Unformat, Undelete and Wipe Data.

• Data Transfer can be used to recover/transfer your important data when your Windows system crashes or the hard disk is damaged. It will help you transfer files to removable media/devices, or to a second, undamaged internal hard disk.
• Unformat will allow you to recover files from a partition or disk which was accidentally formatted.
• Undelete gives you quick access to deleted files. It will automatically perform a quick scan for deleted files in your selected disk.
• Wipe Data permanently deletes all data from the hard disk or a certain partition to prevent others recovering your sensitive data. A must-do procedure before reselling or donating your computer or hard disk.

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